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Our Roots

Delivering products you can trust.

The cannabis industry is trending hard. Everyone is writing and talking about it. Unfortunately, while there is a lot of information out there, only some of it is true. It’s understandable that people have questions.

CBD is everywhere and it is increasingly being described as a magic silver bullet for health. Well, that is just not true. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has tremendous impact on critical body functions. But anyone who sells it as a cure-all is doing just that. Selling. They aren’t being honest with you.

The reality is cannabis hosts more than one hundred cannabinoids and terpenes and each can play an important role in better health. And that is exactly what scientists and medical professionals throughout the world are beginning to discover.

We built Root Bioscience to carry this work forward. Our core mission is to deliver the transparency and rigor you expect from any traditional health and wellness company. We start by growing plants that are carefully selected for their ability to produce a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. We then extract these using scientific processes that have been used by botanical companies for decades. Next, these extracts are refined into active ingredients that we evaluate using pharmaceutical grade testing standards. Finally, these active ingredients are infused into consumer products that have been intentionally designed to for maximum efficacy.

We’ve seen firsthand the positive impact these products can have when manufactured and administered properly. In fact we built Root Bioscience because we wanted CBD products we could give people we love for conditions ranging from sleep disorders to life-threatening disease. We don’t sell a product unless we would give it to our own family members. And so you can trust giving them to yours.


Garrett Perdue

CEO | Root Bioscience

Our growers and their families have worked their farms for generations. They share our
commitment to sustainable agriculture practices and are the reason Made in North Carolina means something exceptional. They do far more than supply us with the plants that drive our process. They are our friends and neighbors, and they are true partners in our business.